Fishing Kayaks

Types of Kayaks

Most people I talk to about kayaks have a preconceived picture in there mind of a kayak.

Usually it’s either a long skinny boat with a small
opening that you can barely squeeze into, then have a
waterproof skirt attached to both the kayak opening
and the midsection of the paddler and traveling
longer distances.

or basically the same setup only
with a much shorter and wider version of kayak
and racing down a boulder strewn river.
White Water Kayak
Untill I started researching a little bit, I had the
same picture in my mind.

While both of these types of kayaks are very efficient
for what they are used for and are very enjoyable,
These are not the types of kayaks we’ll be discussing
for the most part, Mostly because there are other
types of kayaks that are much more user friendly
for hunting and fishing.

Two Categories

We can break down the types of kayaks into
two (2) basic basic categories, There are the
Sit inside kayaks (sik)
and the
Sit on top (sot) kayaks

Each of these types have their pro’s and con’s
for our hunting and fishing uses.
Let’s talk about the sik first.

SIK Kayaks
(sit inside kayak)

I started out fishing out of a SIK mainly because I
didn’t know there was such a thing as an SOT.
I picked up a “Recreational” SIK kayak.
Recreational SIK’s have a larger cockpit opening and are
much easier to get in and out of, This also makes it easier
to get at any gear you’re taking along.

Recreational Kayak

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