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How to Install a Depth finder Transducer in a
“Sit On Top” Fishing Kayak.

This was one of the scariest parts of installing a depth finder on my kayak.
I was worried I was going to make a mistake that couldn’t be reversed,
but I found that it really wasn’t that big of a deal!

Optimus Nova Backpacking Stove Review.

I did a lot of research before I bought this stove.
This is a good, rugged, dependable backpacking stove,
But I found it didn’t work as well for my uses as I had hoped.

Brunton Raptor Backpacking Stove Review.

I found the Raptor to be a low cost, dependable
backpacking stove that packs down very small
and sets up and packs away very quickly.

Kayak Cradles that are affordable to just about everyone.

I was going to design my own kayak cradles for my home made truck rack
until I found these at Amazon.com

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